Standard PCR Lab


AnYu provides standard PCR lab solutions with 3 independent sampling, mix preparation and testing zones with a main structure of steel plates, while all internal and external corners are made of R50 aluminum alloy. Each zone is featured by its independent buffer area and air pressure control, which effectively prevent aerosol pollution on samples and kits and amplicon pollution on laboratory personnel and environment. Moreover, ventilation of each zone can be assured with adjustable air outlets on external walls and doors, and the buffer I, buffer II and PCR amplification area can be aired out through fans.

Installation Conditions:

1. Space Measurement: 6*4.5*3M(L*W*H);

2. Power Supply: 220V/110V, 50Hz, 5KW;

3. Inlet and outlet pipe joints;

4. Internet and telephone interface;

5. Conditions for air handling system;


AnYu Service:

● Documents Supply: Quality Manual, Lab & Operational SOPs,

Relative Laws and Regulation Documents, etc.;

● Guide on document preparation;

● One stop solution for ISO15189 certified PCR lab;

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