AGS9600 Real-time PCR Detection System


Based on real-time fluorescence quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, AGS9600 can be widely used in researches such as immunology, human genome engineering, forensic medicine, oncology, histology, population biology, palaeobiology, zoology and botany, as well as in clinical diagnosis of viruses, tumors and hereditary diseases, etc.


With specially designed optical structure, AGS9600 can cover a variety of fluorochromes in market and adapt to new ones by replacement of software versions rather than changes of hardware. 5 channels of fluorescence detection for your free choice, such as FAM, SYBR Green I/VIC, HEX, JOE, TET/ROX, Texas Red/Cy5/Cy5.5, Quasar 705. What's more, there are annother 3 channels reserved for your special customization. 


Production Features

 Rapid detection and high sensitivity

 6 independent temperature control, simultaneous achievement of different renaturation temperatures

 Combination of halogen lamp and CCD optical detection system with high accuracy

 Cutting-edge optical fibre and imaging analysis, multi-calibration

 Built-in database, applicable to LIS system


Technical Parameters

Model AGS9600 Temp. Control  Semiconductor TE
Sample Capacity 96*0.2ml  Uniformity


Light Source Halogen lamp Accuracy


Detection System CCD Heating Rate


Temperature Range 4-100 Cooling Rate


Sensitivity up to 1 copy Hot-lid Temp. Range 30-105
Test Dynamic Range


Fluorescence Repeatibility

CV ≤ 1%

Reaction Volume 5-100μl Fluorescence Extraction Location Tube Bottom 
Fluorophores Applicable F1:FAM,SYBR    F2:VIC,HEX,JOE,TET, Communication Interface
USB 2.0
  F3:ROX,Texas Red   F4:CY5   F5:CY5.5, Quasar705   Operation System Windows Vista/7/8/10
  F6-F8:Reserved Input Power 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1000VA
Hot Lid Electronic hot-lid Dimension (L*W*H)   500*350*300(mm)




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