AGS4800 Real-time PCR Detection System



AGS4800 PCR Detection System is mainly composed of control system, power supply system, photoelectric system, module components, hot lid, shell parts and software etc. According to budget conditions and demands, flexible choices of sample capacity with different layers of detection systems can be achieved.

To achieve amplification by temperature control according to programmed parameters, AGS4800 real time PCR detection system achieves reagent sample denaturatuion under high temperature, annealing under low temperature and extension under optimum temperature.


Product Features

★ Independent or simultaneous testing of different samples or for different experimental requirements, time efficiency and flexibility of operation

★ Highly cost-effective channel combination, up to 6+2

★ Automatic sample inlet and outlet as well as automatic hot lid

★ Wireless real-time remote control and analysis

★ Positive detection rate analysis and early warning of laboratory pollution

★ Flexible choice of sample capacity according to budget conditions and demands ( 48, 96 and 144 optional)




Technical Parameters

Model AGS4800 Temp. Control  Semiconductor TE
Sample Capacity 48/96/144*0.2ml Uniformity


Light Source LED Accuracy


Detection System PMT Heating Rate


Sensitivity Up to 1 copy Cooling Rate


Test Dynamic Range 100-1010 Hotlid Temp. Range 30-110℃
Reaction Volume


Fluorescence Repeatibility CV0.5%
Fluorophore Applicable F1:FAM,SYBR GREEN   F2:VIC,HEX,JOE,TET,YELLOW
Remote Control YES

F3:CY3    F4:ROX    F5:CY5    F6:CY5.5
Communication Interface USB 2.0
  F7:Reserved   F8:Reserved
Operation System Windows Vista/7/8/10
 Hot-lid Automatic electronic hotlid Input Power 100-240V, 50/60Hz 500W
Temperature range 4-100℃ Dimension (L*W*H)





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