AG-UA1000 Urine Sediment Analyzer


Product Introduction

AG1000 urine sediment analyzer is a medical device for in vitro diagnosis. It is mainly designed for clinical and laboratory routine urine analysis, featured by its automatic analysis for urine sediments as well as qualitative and quantitative measurement for formed elements, such as cells, urinary cylinders, crystals and organism. 


Product Features

★ Rapid handling of samples: 60 samples per batch, ≥100 samples/h

★ Wide classification coverage: 12 major categories and 27 sub-categories

★ Standardization: CCCLS and NCCLS compliance

★ Automation: automatic sample input, blending, sampling, measuring, cleaning and effluent disposal

★ Visualization: intuitive display of collected sediments in clear classificaiton

★ Web based service: interface to LIS system

★ Traceability: analysis memory of 10000 samples for immediate retrieval



Technical Parameters

Model AG-UA1000 Sample Classificaion

12-cateroty RBC, WBC, WBC clot, transparent urinary cylinder, unclassified urinary cylinder and squamous epithelial cell, non squamous epithilian cell, bacteria, yeast, crystal, mucus,semen

Throughput ≥100 Strips/Hour Measurement Mechanism

Digital fluid imaging



LIS Interface

Two-way host query

Repeatibility ≥90%

Data Capacity

Up to 10000 analysis results



Input Power

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 150W

Cross Contamination Rate ≤1%

Dimension (L*W*H)

Main machine: 680×530×580

Sample Capacity 2ml


(without PC)



Ambient Conditions

Temperature20-28℃, relative humidity20-80%,condensation-free




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