AGS8800 Isothermal Amplification Nucleic Acid Detection System


Product Introduction

Based on isothermal amplification technology and fluorescence detection technology, the product can be widely used in all kinds of isothermal amplification reactions of nucleic acid samples (DNA/RNA) including bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Isothermal amplification of DNA or RNA in a compact and portable situation can be achieved with robust functionality and flexible detection operation. By increasing detection speed and simplifying experimental operation, the product can provide a comprehensive solution for nucleic acid detection via specially designed temperature-control modules and combined use with highly-effective test reagents.

Product Features

★ Small, light and portable

★ Adaptive to on-board chargers for rapid outdoor detection

★ Independent dual fluorescence channels for a variety of needs

★ Graphical menu navigation Interface without connection to PC

★ High resolution TFT display (7 inches, 800*480 pixels, 24 true colors)



Technical Parameters

Model AGS8800 Temperature Accuracy ≤±0.05℃
Sample Capacity


Program Memory Capacity 10000+(USB FLASH)

Detection Rate


Fluorescence Repeatability ≤3%
Detection Wavelength 523nm(FAM)584nm(VIC/HEX)
Power-off Protection YES
Excitation Wavelength 470nm(FAM)525nm(VIC/HEX) Display Screen LED 7inch TFT with resistive touch screens
Temperature Range RT+5℃~100 Communication Interface USB2.0, RS232
Temperature Uniformity


Dimension (L*W*H) 300mm*260mm*170mm
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