AG1000 Immune Colloidal Gold Analyzer


Product Introduction

This product collects data for strip (colloidal gold immunochromatography) by image acquisition module, and discriminatorily analyze the image by identifying the C, T line in the color difference on the strip. Then the results will be analyzed for the data output for the test samples. As an in vitro diagnostic medical device, the equipment should be used in conjunction with the colloidal gold test strips (colloidal gold immunochromatography) to determine quantitatively the concentration of the related substances in human body (PCT, hypersensitive c-reactive protein, pepsinogen I/II).

Product Features

★ Small, light and portable

★ Automatic sample concentration measurement

★ Bar code scanning function for sample ID 

 High-resolution TFT display (7'', 800*480 pixels, 24-bit true color)

 Short detection time less than 10 seconds

 Interface to LIS system


Technical Parameters

Model AG1000 Display Screen LED 7 inch TFT


Communication Interface USB2.0, RS232
Stability ≤5%
Input Power 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 40VA
Accuracy Deviation ≤±10%
Dimension (L*W*H) 280*200*150(mm)
Program memory capacity 10000+(USB FLASH) Weight 2KG


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