SH-3000 Thermocell Mixing Block


Product Introduction

SH-3000 Thermocell Mixing Block has a small size and robust reliability with unique motion mechanism, which allows stable oscillation under 400-1800 RPM. It can load different modules and automatically identify their maximum oscillation speed. With “Short Mix” function, it can act as a vortex mixer. Besides, it has many other functions such as temperature control, oscillation/non-oscillation mode, timing and module replacement, etc. Clear display can be assured under any environment with a full-view highlight screen. The product is mainly used for solution blending or cell culture in elisa plate or cell culture plate (24-well, 48-well and 96-well, etc.) under proper temperature. Traditionally, manual blending in elisa reaction can easily cause liquid to spill out of the well, while SH-3000 can effectively prevent this problem with its small amplitude of 2mm and achieve better blending results. Moreover, the product can perform cell suspension to a full extent for cell culture.




Product Features

★ Short Mix function

★ Temperature calibration

★ User-friendly operation, quick speed setting with a knob

★ Full-view high brightness OLED display, clear under any environment 

★ Microprocessor control with precise temperature control, accurate oscillation speed and small amplitude

★ Intelligent identification of different modules and users can change modules on their own

★ Automatic limit on maximum speed according to experimental requirements

★ DC brushless motor drive with long operation life and free of maintenance 




Technical Parameters

Model SH-3000 Amplitude


Applicable Modules

96×0.2ml standard PCR module (standar)

Speed Setting 50rpm/step

96-well round bottom test tube module (optional)

Speed Accuracy


24×2.0ml or 15×0.5ml test tube module (optional)

Short Mix Function

Temperature Range


Timing Range


Temperature Accurary


Display Screen OLED
Temperature Uniformity ±0.5℃
Display Content Temperature, speed, time
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.3℃
Power Adapter

Input power:100-240V, 50/60HZ, 120W

Temp. Display Resolution ±0.1℃

Output power: DC24V
Heating Rate




 Oscillation Range

0 rpm, 400~1300 rpm, 400~1800 rpm


4.8KG(with standard module)



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